INTRODUCING: Anthony "Tony" Hendrickson of M65 Studio

M65 is a menswear label launched in 2016 by Tony Hendrickson.  It’s inspired by a moment, as a teen, when the designer lived above a Korean Laundry Mat in the Bronx. In addition, the assortment is retrospective to the interior happenings at the Happy Valley club in New York City.

SAENAI: Occupation?
Tony Hendrickson: Creator

SAENAI: Where are you From?
TH: I was born in Harlem raised in the Bronx.

SAENAI: A NEW YORK Thing is...
TH: … Is An attitude!

SAENAI: What keeps you motivated?
TH: … Faith in my dreams keep me going, creativity keeps me going.

SAENAI: Are you Introverted / Extroverted?
TH: I'm pretty extroverted for sure.

SAENAI: What music is on steady rotation?
TH: Vapor wave mixes.  Anything Frank[Ocean], and DAMN by Kendrick Lamaar.

SAENAI: What are you working on now?
TH: My new Collection, I do them in installments. I just finished Installment 1.  I'm working on Installment 2. I also launched My website- It’s a blessed time for me right now.

SAENAI: Whom are some people that have influenced you?
TH: Jesus, Pharrell, vintage helmet Lang, my friends.

SAENAI: Favourite colour(s) at the moment?
TH: That's easy… Pink.

SAENAI: What are some of your most worn garments?
TH: My most beloved garments are the vintage 90’s T-shirts! I have a Brandy Tee, A Bob Marley one, and The Fugees tee is perfection!

SAENAI: Whats youth mean to you?
TH: … It’s a state of mind that gets better over a period of time like fine wine.


[New York: Antony Tony Hendrickson of M65 (Interview Taken 5/23/2017). Tony wears Anxiety Tee from SAENAI.  Photo taken at SAENAI offices in Midtown, New York.]