getting groovy again…


New York- On a Wednesday afternoon, a curator friend of the brand, tagged along to witness the reveal of Josh Smith’s inaugural solo show titled, Emo Jungle. If you have been paying attention over the past 19 years, then you might know a thing or two about the Okinawan born-American painter and his expansive body of work that explores unassuming forms, animals, and ethnic folklore rendered in a vibrant and groovy effect. In his recent effort, we view a series of new figures on canvas i.e. The Grim Reaper, Demons, and Turtles in lush and wild colours. Surrounding most but not all of the paintings are a unique border treatment, which alludes to the painter’s love for early American hieroglyphs and wall stencils, that seem to contain the contents on the canvas. Smith continues to explore the endless possibility through shapeless form and genderless characters which is something we absolutely support at SAENAI.

Emo Jungle is On view at David Zwirner 519 W 19th Street NYC April 25- June 15, 2019